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Written by Scott McCrory   
Friday, 26 June 2009 14:39

Dinneen Field does not currently have an on-site weather station (donations anyone?) but the links below should give you a pretty good idea about what to expect before heading out.  We've provided a number of sources to cater to individual tastes...

  1. MSN Weather for Lewis Center (A nice, simple layout of Lewis Center weather data)
  2. Weather Underground for Lewis Center (Another decent layout of Lewis Center weather data)
  3. NOAA for Lewis Center (The authority for nationally consumed weather data, specifically for Lewis Center)
  4. Air Sports Net (Nice hourly depiction of OSU temperature, wind strength and direction, clouds and more)

Note: The field itself is oriented west-southwest to east-northeast (see below), and winds in Ohio are generally from the west-southwest.  That means that you'll regularly have a direct headwind or quartering headwind taking off and landing to the west-southwest.  However, we often also see the Alum Creek reservoir (located just to our northwest) creating northerly "burbles" just at the height of the ridgeline, so what you experience on the ground may be a little different from what's a couple hundred feet up (or a mile away at a reporting station).  Pilots of very light trainers, foamies and other park flyers will want to be particularly mindful about this phenomenon and watch for winds that may want to blow their aircraft close to the flight line.


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