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IMAC Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 19:23

The club's IMAC Challenge is usually held each year on the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Some of the region's best RC pilots may be seen taking to the skies in friendly competition. This year's event will be on May 27 & May 28, 2017

Please note that the field is closed to non-competitors during that time.

16th Annual IMAC Challenge Contest

Results By Class - TBA after Contest









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Freeze Fly PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott McCrory   
Thursday, 31 December 2009 15:53

A traditional Freeze Fly is usually held at Dinneen Field on every January 1st at 8:30am rain, snow, or sunshine.

Despite sub-freezing temps, rain showers, and 10+ mph winds, over a dozen hard core pilots usually show up to fly their aircraft and to welcome the New Year with fellow RC enthusiasts.

Photos of the event can be found in the January newsletter. Gary Smith shot some video at the 2010 Freeze Fly which can be checked out on You Tube! (thank you Gary!)...

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Helicopter Fly-In PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott McCrory   
Saturday, 18 July 2009 18:03

A Helicopter Fly-In will be scheduled at Dinneen Field on a date and time yet to be determined.  Jared Granzow will be the CD.  There will be a high level of skill on display, as well as great camaraderie, food, music and more sophisticated equipment than you could shake a hex driver at.  Align Trex'es will be present as well as the latest stuff from Compass, Gaui and Synergy.  If you have not seen how they fly these amazing aircraft you owe it to yourself to go watch this next helicopter event!  And don't worry if you're just getting started or are still learning nose-in; there's a place for everyone at the fun fly.

If you have any questions about the fly-in, contact Jared Granzow at 614-439-8058 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Check out this amazing video Jared flying captured by Scott M.  View it on YouTube with the highest resolution and full screen for maximum effect:

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Fun Fly Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott McCrory   
Sunday, 23 August 2009 08:03

The Fun Fly / Night Fly and Club Picnic is planned for Saturday September 9,2017. Local pilots will demonstrate impressive control of their aircraft. We'll be holding this challenging event again this year, so practice up!

Event Outline: ( All events may not be included)

  1. Beans: Attach the supplied cup to your airplane. Place 20 Beans into the cup and proceed to do event numbers 2 & 3. Each Bean left in the cup after those challenges will be worth 5 points.
  2. Taxi: From a standing stop. Taxi around 4 cones and then take your plane off at the starting line. Each cone worth 20 points and take off 20 points. The catch is you have 45 seconds to do all of this. You will get a 50 point bonus for doing it in less than 30 seconds. If a cone falls over while going around it you get zero points for that cone.
  3. Egg Drop: Place an egg into your cup. Take off and drop the egg onto the circular target. Get points for where the egg drops on the target. If the egg hits the runway out of the target area you get 10 points. You get two chances at this. The best score is recorded. You can also get an additional 50 points if one of your teammates catches the egg in a frying pan. However, the egg must hit the ground in the target area to get credit for those points.
  4. Loops: Do as many loops as possible in 30 seconds: (Only the elevator may be used to do the loops.) Each loop worth 10 pts. upright or 15 pts inverted.
  5. Touch & Go Landings: Touch down on the runways target. Points are awarded for where your main wheels touch the ground. When the wheels first touch you have 30 seconds to do as many touches as you can. (Only one touch per pass and the pilot may turn around any way he chooses.)
  6. Limbo: Fly your plane between the limbo poles and under the ribbon to score points. The ribbon may be set to 6 ft. to get 100 points or 4 ft. to get 150 points. The pilot may get an additional 50 points for doing this inverted.
  7. Spot Landing: Climb at least 100 feet and cut your throttle to idle. Doing the glide down the plane must do 2 rolls and land on the runways target area. Where the main wheels stop determines the score. Bonus of 25 points for killing your engine at the beginning of the glide, (Even if you miss the target.)
  8. Bonus: 50 points if you complete the flight without restarting your engine.  If the planes engine stops during any challenge than a restart is allowed (Only one time for the entire event.)  However, no points will be awarded for that challenge being attempted when the engine stalls.

 The pilot may have one wave off before attempting any challenge, but he only gets one wave off for the entire event.  Also, any challenge once started may not be waved off.

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Other Events PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 19:24

Other club events held in a typical year:

  • Annual Columbus Scale Classic competition is usually held in August of each year. Watch our banner for details. Spectators are welcome.
  • Pylon Races are normally held once, sometimes twice a year.  Races are held for trainer pilots and for serious piston-heads.  Fun to watch; exciting to fly.  Plenty of close-quarters competition. Watch for announcements on our front page banner.
  • Our Fun Fly Challenge has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.  Pilots of all skill levels perform a variety of on-the-runway and in-the-air maneuvers.  Teams are set up to effectively handicap everyone from novice to expert.  There is good friendly competition, and some laughs also.
  • Family Picnic & Night Fly.  This is a great early autumn event.  Your dues pay for your picnic, and when dusk turns to dark, models of many colored lights take off and brighten the sky.  They provide quite a show, and, as with other club events, there are always experienced pilots ready and eager to help the rest of us get started.
  • Family Banquet. Every November, members and guests enjoy fried chicken, ham, and beverages provided by the club, all accompanied by side-dishes, salads, and desserts that they bring to share.  Held at the Westerville First Presbyterian Church.
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