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Due to Covid concerns, instead of our usual Swap Show in March,

WMAA is hosting a Swap 'N Fly event on May 8 at Dineen Field.

Swap 'N Fly – 9am to 2pm May 8, 2021

Only $5 for swap table or space to sell! Please register as a vendor or pilot when you arrive. 

Selling in paved lot is permitted. If lot is full, entrance to additional field parking - drive east along fence at east end of parking lot.

 Limited picnic tables for sellers available under shelter - first come, first serve.

 Additional swap area around and to the west of shelter house. Bring your own table. 

Do not block entry area where field joins lot - this is for food service and emergency. Park in lined spaces only.

The event is somewhat weather-dependent. Please check this website for cancellation in the event of total rainout. We will have event even if weather is marginal for flying.

 Flying is encouraged during the event. NO flying over pits, parking lot or people. Follow usual rules of safety and courtesy, or you will be asked to leave.

Look for more details under the Events listing. 


Welcome to the home of the

Westerville Model Aeronautics Association

We are a Radio Control Model Aircraft club located in the northern Columbus Ohio area.

The WMAA was founded in 1968 and is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), and the International Miniature Aerobatic Club.

Our club’s objective, as stated in the by-laws, is “ promote and develop radio control aeromodelling as a hobby and recreational activity…”

The majority of WMAA members fly radio controlled (R/C) model airplanes.  Some fly R/C gliders (sailplanes), and R/C helicopters.  Glow-ignition and gasoline engines predominate, but with recent advances in motor, electronic speed control, and battery technology, electric-powered models are rapidly growing in popularity. Quadcopters and turbine jets are also flown.

Club officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster.

Business meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  From May through September, the meetings are at Dinneen Field, and from October through April, at the First Presbyterian Church on College Ave. in Westerville.

Our monthly newsletter, The Center of Gravity, provides information on club events and activities and invites input from all members.

Dinneen Field

Our flying field is located at 5770 Africa Rd., 1/4 mile east of the Alum Creek Dam in Delaware County.

In 1987, the WMAA leased this ten-acre site from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  No public money is spent in this field.  We started  with an undeveloped parcel of land and have installed:

  • A 900-foot long grass runway.
  • Protective fencing.
  • Five concrete pad flying stations
  • A concrete paved pilot preparation area including workbenches and setup/engine starting stands.
  • A frequency control board with slots for each channel to hold pilots’ AMA cards.
  • A shelter house with several picnic tables.
  • A paved parking lot.
  • Secure equipment storage sheds.
  • A portable toilet.
  • A windsock and flagpole.
  • Extensive landscaping.

AMA and club rules are prominently posted.

As this field is public land, anyone with a valid AMA license can fly, whether they are a WMAA member or not.  However, considering the money, time, and effort that members have spent developing and maintaining this property, we feel it is only fair to encourage pilots who fly here to join the club. In fact, membership perks easily pay back the annual $50 regular, and $5 family member dues!

Club Events

A typical year will start on January 1st with our annual Freeze-Fly.  The club provides hot coffee and donuts, and the members bring their own ear-muffs and skis.  This is strictly a fun event.

In March, we hold our Annual Show at the Northland Performing Arts Center.  This is a major income-producing event for the club, and an opportunity for members and guests to showcase their latest models and to pick up some needed supplies.  A grand raffle typically offers a 50/50 cash first prize and a fully built trainer as second prize.

Other club events held in a typical year:

IMAC Challenge
Library Day
Pylon Races
Columbus Scale Classic
Fun Flys and cookouts

Turbine Operation

KBDI for Sarasota County

Click Here for Turbine Aircraft Fire Safety Rules and Myakka River District Map

Click here to visit the Florida Forest Service KBDI website